Women's Health

  • Health maintenance for women can be accomplished through:

  • Breast Self Exams should be done once a month. Read all about it here!

  • Women should have access to a healthcare provider that provides gynecological services. If you are in college, it is likely that there is a student health center right on campus. Check your school for availability.

  • If you live in Delaware, you may be able to find a provider through Christiana Care.

  • If you don't have good medical insurance coverage or you don't have medical insurance at all, visit Planned Parenthood's web page.

  • Sign up to have condoms mailed to your address, free of charge through DelaWEAR ONE.

  • Because there are so many options for birth control, it can be confusing. To learn about birth control options, so that you can make an informed decision with your doctor, check out these links:

  • Emergency contraception is birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex, which is why it is sometimes called "the morning after pill," "the day after pill," or "morning after contraception." To learn more, visit:

  • Emergency Contraception is available at most local pharmacies without a prescription.